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Chhoti Bhansar and Triveni Dumkibas road in priority: Chief Minister


Nawalparasi, July 24 (RSS): The Province No. 4 government has prioritized upgrading the Triveni Chhoti customs office and operation of the Dumkibas road section in eastern Nawalparasi.

 Chief Minister of Province No 4, Prithvi Subba Gurung, shared this during a meeting with the locals in Triveni this morning. 

The Chief Minister said that the provincial government has, in coordination with the federal government, moved ahead the works necessary for upgrading the customs office. He added that operation of the Triveni Dumkibas road section was among the priorities of the provincial government. 

Chief Minister Gurung also acquired information from the local people regarding the prospects for the overall development of Trivenidham.

In the meeting, the locals had informed the Chief Minister about the problems in the area.