१० असार २०८१, सोमबार | Tue Jun 25 2024

Preparations complete for Secondary Education Examination


Examinations Controller Ambika Prasad Regmi said all the preparations for the examination have been completed. SEE replaces the earlier School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination following the changes in the Education Act which has made education up to Class 12 as secondary education.

A total of 538,182 examinees are sitting for the SEE which includes 259,732 boys and 278,450 girl students from across the country.

Altogether 1,923 exam centres have been fixed throughout the country for this purpose.
According to Regmi, as per the exam schedule, March 16 is Compulsory English paper, March 17 Compulsory Nepali paper, March 19 is Compulsory Mathematics paper, March 20 Compulsory Science paper, March 21 Social Studies paper, March 22 Health, Population and Environment paper, March 23 Optional First paper and March 24 Optional Second paper.

The SEE for technical subjects will however conclude on March 27. RSS