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PM Oli gives statement of public importance about his upcoming India visit

२० चैत्र २०७४, मंगलवार १७:१३

Giving a statement about public importance about his upcoming India visit (April 6 to 8) in a meeting of the House of Representatives today, the Prime Minister said he is going for the State visit to the southern neighbour at the cordial invitation of his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi.

“The government wishes to have balanced relations based on trust, friendship, equity and mutual interests with India and China and intends to build up a reliable atmosphere for so and make the neighbuors its development partners for the prosperity of the nation and the visit is taking place in the same backdrop,” he said.

Friendly relations with neighbours, policy of non-interference, the United Nations Charter, principles of Panchasheel adopted by Nepal and interests of the nation and just relations are the destinations of Nepal’s foreign policy, the Prime Minister said, promising that no step capable to hurt the national pride would be taken during the visit.

Stating that Nepal and India enjoyed old and close relations, he hoped that the bilateral relations would reach to a new height as the Nepal-India Imminent Persons Group was reviewing the bilateral issues including the 1950’s treaty.

As stated by the Prime Minister, his efforts would focus on how to make the visit successful by utilising it in the interests of the nation and people at the upmost level and to further consolidate the bilateral ties. He ruled out the possibility of multiple agreements during the meeting. The focus would one the effective implementation of past agreements.

PM Oli said his visit would focus on agricultural modernisation of Nepal, increasing production and trade, connectivity, and export, decreasing trade losses, attracting investment, the implementation of the Pancheshwor Multipurpose Project, the construction of integrated check posts, increasing mutual welfares of both the countries, and a postal highway.

Issue relating to the pledge made by India following the earthquake of April, 2015 would also be discussed during the visit.

Likewise, other issues would be discussed regarding subsidiary loan taken from India, expanding air connectivity, easing transit, constructing border infrastructures, and resumption of SAARC Summit and Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation Conference.

Common Issues like on controlling terrorism and human trafficking would also be discussed.

The government is committed to distributing equal rights and opportunities to all the people by safeguarding democracy and further promoting it for the proper utilization of national sovereignty which lies on the people themselves, the Prime Minister said, adding that a zero-tolerance policy against corruption was the most essential to establish good governance and explore the ways for development.

During the visit, the Prime Minister will hold interactions with the business community there and met the Nepali community there. He is scheduled to visit the University of Agriculture and Technology, Uttarakhand.

PM says White Paper is real paper
Responding to the comments made by some lawmakers in the special hour of the parliament meeting today that the White Ppaer released recently by the Finance Ministry was exaggerated, PM Oli claimed that the White Paper was not a ‘gloomy paper’ but a realistic one.

He expressed the commitment the commitment that an optimal utilisation of resources would be made in the coming days so as to prevent the national economy from reaching the dismal situation as reflected in the White Paper.

The Prime Minister urged the opposition parties to keep vigilance on the government’s commitment to democracy, prosperity and good governance as well as its conduct.

Priority to be given to building shelters for earthquake survivors
The Prime Minister also said that the latest meeting of the advisory committee and directive committee of the National Reconstruction Authority has been instructed to carry out works in an effective manner in terms of distribution of the amount to be given to the earthquake survivors and speeding up the post-quake reconstruction.

“First of all, bring the older persons, persons with disabilities, children and the disadvantaged under the roof. The reconstruction of temples can wait. Saving people’s lives should be prioritised,” he said.

PM Oli reiterated that priority would be accorded to the organisational and physical infrastructure construction also as the required decisions have been made regarding addressing the problems related to managing employees at the province and local levels, prioritising the sustainable development goals, construction of the projects of national pride, construction of the East-West Railway, energy development, among others.

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