१७ फाल्गुन २०८०, बिहिबार | Thu Feb 29 2024

Transport committees not to be renewed


Kathmandu, July 20 (RSS): The government has decided not to renew the erstwhile transport committees.

The transport entrepreneurs committee and associations will be scrapped as per the decision of the government to end monopoly and syndicate in the public transport sector, the Home Ministry has said. Accordingly, the Ministry has decided to move ahead with the process of having such committees registered as per the Company Registration Act, 2034 with effect from July 17.

The movable and immovable property of the erstwhile transport committees will be managed by the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport in coordination with the Home Ministry. Prior to this, the committees are required to clear off their dues and arrears.

Henceforth, the vehicles providing public transportation service after acquiring the required permit will have to be registered as a company, a firm or as cooperatives.