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PM Dahal stresses on accountable governance

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PM Dahal stresses on accountable governance

Kathmandu, Aug 11: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said the present government attaches foremost priority to making the governance and the public services accountable to the people. 

Addressing the 14th anniversary function of the National Vigilance Centre here today, PM Dahal said, “Negative outlook is increasing on all sides among the people towards the services given by the State machinery; all should pay attention to making the governance and the public services more people-oriented with public accountability to break such a situation.”

He said good governance flourishes the more the public services are accountable to the people and the people also cultivate the feeling of ownership over the state machinery.

The National Vigilance Centre was established on August 12, 2002 with the goal of promoting good governance through the effective control of corrupt activities in public bodies and raising public awareness against corruption. The centre is under the direct supervision and control of the Prime Minister.

Stating that a part of the good governance would be achieved if only the public bodies completed the works within the time frame they themselves have set, Prime Minister Dahal said that the public bodies should first of all be responsible to themselves.

“When you go out on the roads, there is traffic jam everywhere, when you go out in the market to buy goods you see black marketeering, when you go to the government offices to get any work done, it is not done in time. People have these and similar complaints, which are justified. If such complaints and grievances are not addressed in time, it might lead to frustration of the people towards democracy itself. We must not allow this to happen,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister referred to the instructions he had given the special class officials of the government after assuming his post – to provide relief which the people including the earthquake-affected ones could directly experience and to work vigorously for attaining economic prosperity for the country through the implementation of the constitution and completion of the remaining works of the peace process, holding the election to the local, province and the House of Representatives while at the same time strengthening the national unity.

“I have become the Prime Minister taking risk; I will work with honesty to fulfill these goals. I will spend all my energy for this.” he declared.

Chief Secretary Dr Somlal Subedi said that the public bodies still needed to be more responsible and accountable to the people. “This year, it was the public bodies that cleared the most arrears,” he said and urged the Centre to expand its works to the grass roots level in the coming days.

Dr Subedi added that the kind of services provided by the public bodies and their behaviour towards the people were responsible for promoting good governance.

On the occasion, Prime Minister Dahal released the Centre’s Annual Report of the Fiscal Year 2015/16.

Officer at the Centre Ramananda Prasad Yadav said a technical laboratory has been established at the centre in line with the government’s policy and programme, and technical tests of 16 projects carried out after this.

According to Yadav, the Centre received 772 complaints from various public bodies and the Centre settled a total of 686 complaints including those left over from the previous year. He also stated that the citizens charters of 537 different public bodies in 33 districts were monitored last year.

The report also has some recommendations to the government. These include formulation of a separate Act to expand the Centre to the province level, adherence of the legal provisions related to public/government land and property, enact a separate Act for the implementation of the UN Convention against Corruption in the context of Nepal becoming a party to this Convention, and to integrate the vigilance centre, the Revenue Investigation Department and the Department to Investigate Money Laundering.

The National Vigilance Centre has also suggested the government for the effecetive implementation of the social Welfare Council Act to take action against the corruption in the NGO sector. RSS

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