१० असार २०८१, सोमबार | Tue Jun 25 2024

Nepali youths in South Korea extend support for fire victims


The youths of the Limbu community have donated Rs 181,000 through their organization, Thakthung Sayang South Korea.

The donation was extended to the ‘Sankranti Bazaar Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Trust’ at a function held on Friday.

During the programme held at the Shivalaya temple at Nageshwor Pangchang, Sayang’s Founding Advisor Kubir Lingden handed over the amount to Area Administration Office Sankranti Bazaar Chief, Safal Portel.

The organization fundraised Rs 70,000 through a charity show of Nepali movie ‘Purano Dhunga’ and the rest from Nepali diaspora in South Korea. RSS