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Unregistered child home sealed, six children rescued

३० आश्विन २०७४, सोमबार १३:२४

Unregistered child home sealed, six children rescued

The child care home called “Dream Angel World”  based in Ratnanagar Municipality -13 was shut down and six children were rescued from there.

According to the District Child Welfare Board, Chitwan’s child protection officer, Mahesh Poudel, the organisation was found operating long without completing the legal procedures and against other set criteria.  Though the Board had written its owner Thakur Paneru frequent times to complete the legal process and meet the criteria, he continued to turn a deaf ear to such calls.  He has been on the run since yesterday.  

Five boys and a girl residing there were rescued in the witness of journalists and locals. Chief District Officer Narayan Prasad Bhatta said the rescued children were handed to the Himali Nabeen Society, Kathmandu, the organisation which will facilitate their reunion with the families.  The children belonging to the 10-17 age group are from Jumla, Gorkha, Dang, Kaski and Chitwan.

There were a total of 18 children in the home, but remaining others have been reportedly at their or their relatives’ homes to celebrate the Dashain/Tihar festivals.

There are 30 child homes in operation in the district, but all are registered where 194 children are taking shelter, as the Board states.

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