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Herbs traders in trouble as India imposes GST

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Herbs traders in trouble as India imposes GST

The herbs exporters and dealers worry that the export of Nepali herbs will further dwindle with the imposition of the GST. President of Herbs Entrepreneurs Association Nepal, Mohammad Yakub Ansari said that herbs export trade will be further ruined with the imposition of GST at a time when they were demanding the removal of ‘transit permit’ tax.

According to him, the exporters and traders have to fulfill various unnecessary processes and tax within the country and abroad due to the government’s impractical herbs trade policy, which was resulting in the decline of the herbs business worth millions of rupees.

The herbs traders in Nepalgunj have been exporting the herbs produced and collected by the marginal farmers in the mountain districts of the Mid-west region to third countries like America, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, France, Switzerland, Australia and Germany, among other countries, via India.

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