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Joint review meeting of Health Ministry begins

१७ माघ २०७४, बुधबार १५:०५

Joint review meeting of Health Ministry begins

Discussion is being held regarding achievements gained so far in health sector, remaining works and challenges in the meeting organised at the initiative of the Health Ministry.

According to the Ministry, there is 80 per cent budget of the government and 20 per cent investment of donor agencies in health sector. Nine national-level development partners have been carrying out activities collaborating with the ministry. 

Inaugurating the review meeting, Health Minister Deepak Bohara said that the Ministry was always committed for quality health service.

Minister Bohara said, “People will now get health services from provinces and local levels. So we are involved to make this arrangement.”

There will be revision in a new health policy along with health insurance act to provide basic health service to all the people, he added.

Similarly, Health Secretary Dr Pushpa Chaudhary said that human resources and budget management have become challenge at a time when the country has adopted federalism.

Chaudhary said, “It is difficult to provide quality health services from the existing human resources. We need additional human resources and budget.”

Likewise, Chief of Policy, Plan and International Cooperation Division under the Health Ministry, Dr Shree Krishna Giri, said that although many health indexes have been fulfilled, there are still some works to be carried out. 

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