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Holi to be celebrated in Janakpur tomorrow

१८ फाल्गुन २०७४, शुक्रबार १५:१०

Holi to be celebrated in Janakpur tomorrow

There is the tradition of celebrating Holi which is also known as Hori is marked in this region a day after the conclusion of the 15-day Mithila Madhyamiki Parikrama, a pilgrimage which takes the devotees on a journey covering 135 kilometres on foot.

Of the 135 kilometres long route which completes a circuit, 108 kilometres lies in Nepal and 27 kilometres journey falls in India.

Thousands of devotees have completed the pilgrimage walk today on the last day of the Madhyamiki Parikrama, and accordingly Holi festival will be celebrated here tomorrow.

The Madhyamiki Parikrama is considered the greatest religious ritual in Mithilanchal.

As per the tradition, Holi is marked in Janakpur area the next day of the conclusion of the Madhyamiki Parikrama.

The Mithila Madhyamiki Parikrama is taken to be the cultural link and a symbol of friendship between Nepal and India.

It is believed that undertaking this pilgrimage walk absolves one of sins and other tribulations and guides towards good deeds.

Jhapalis demand Holi holiday coinciding with Tarai Holi
Meanwhile, the people in the eastern Tarai district of Jhapa have expressed displeasure after the government announced public holiday on the occasion of Holi festival for their district the same day public holiday is given to the hilly districts.

The hilly districts celebrated Holi festival on Thursday while the Tarai districts are celebrating it today.

People here were not seen much enthusiastic in celebrating the Holi festival on Thursday whereas they are busy doing so today.

Although it is not a public holiday in Jhapa today, there is not much presence of the service-seekers at government offices today compared to other days.

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