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FNJ’s election in all provinces on May 5

२३ फाल्गुन २०७४, बुधबार १४:१४

FNJ's election in all provinces on May 5

Issuing 18-point Janakpurdham Declaration, the meeting decided to take the membership cleansing campaign ahead effectively and expressed commitment to professional security of journalists, editorial freedom and enforcement of journalist code of conduct.

The meeting also expressed its serious objection towards government’s apathy in implementation of Working Journalists Act and determined four-month action plan along with stern agitation for the implementation of Working Journalists Act.

Similarly, it also decided to present an action plan before the government for the honour of press freedom fighters and senior journalists, deciding to forward further plan of health insurance.

The FNJ also asked the government to fix minimum wages of journalists as per the recommendation of Minimum Wages Fixation Committee.

Drawing the government’s attention towards halt of the process of formation of Mass Communication Academy, the FNJ also asked the government to forward process for the establishment of Mass Communication Academy in all provinces.

The FNJ through the 18-point Janakpurdham Declaration has put forth various demands including withdrawal of Online Directives and distribution of award in an inclusive and proportional manner.

The meeting decided to draw the attention of the bodies concerned to enlist Janakpur Temple in the list of World’s Heritage Site as well as to build physical infrastructures for the development and promotion of Janakpurdham.

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