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PM directs secretaries to work for people’s service

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PM directs secretaries to work for people's service

“An ordinary and traditional manner of administration does not work now. So, the works should be done in a special way,” he directed the secretaries in the presence of Ministers at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Sunday.

PM Oli underscored, “Government activities must take a pace. It should reflect the commitment made before the people, visualizing prosperous Nepal and happy Nepalis. The routine jobs work no more.”

According to him, the government formed in the background of historic elections has extraordinary and historic responsibility as the country is in the phase of constitution implementation. Therefore, it needs significant role and responsibility to run the government smoothly and effectively.

The PM was of the view that Nepal was in need of meeting of the SDGs by 2030 and act accordingly. Concerted efforts were imperative to materialize the issues the fundamental rights of the constitution have mentioned, he argued.

He directed the Secretaries to put the issues of national integrity, sovereignty, social harmony, and control of corruption, irregularities and non-transparent activities in top priority. Anyone shirking responsibility will not be spared, the PM warned.

Foreign Minister Pradip Gyawali informed that the PM directed the government secretaries to work for materializing the dream of prosperous Nepal and happy Nepalis keeping in centre the people’s aspirations

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