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Only two percent skilled and capable for foreign jobs

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Only two percent skilled and capable for foreign jobs

Bhaktapur, April 21 (RSS): The government is rolling it sleeves to provide training to youths seeking jobs abroad.

At an ‘Interaction with journalists on the role of the media sector for programmes targeting youth and youths’ issues’ organized by National Youth Council on Friday, Secretary at the Ministry of Youth and Sport, Mohan Krishna Sapkota, spoke of government’s plan to provide training to semi –competent youths so as to send competent youths to foreign countries.

“They will get double the rate of current salary on condition that they acquire knowledge and skills,” he said, adding “So we are preparing to train the youths before sending them.” The Secretary was of the view that technical education should be given from the school level.

Of the total migrant workers heading abroad from Nepal, a shocking 74 per cent are reportedly incompetent, 24 per cent semi – competent while only two per cent of the youths are skilled and capable to accomplish the tasks given to them.

Secretary Sapkota also disclosed plans to mobilize youths in the country. He also urged the media sector to disseminate stories of youths’ success. He further added that there were plans afoot to transform Youth Policy 2072 and make it more youth-friendly.

National Youth Council Vice Chairman, Madhav Dhungel, stressed on need on part of the media sector to play a front role in establishing the youths’ issues.

Dhungel added that more youths will be made self-dependent in the next two years. He also spoke of plans to build electronic libraries in 460 rural municipalities and construct youth-friendly parks in all local levels. A total of 30 journalists from across Nepal took part in the programme.

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