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Party unification is an extraordinary episode : CPN Chair Dahal

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Party unification is an extraordinary episode : CPN Chair Dahal

Addressing the meeting of the CPN parliamentary party at the Federal Parliament Building, New Baneshwar today, he said the party unification process was a unique development not only of Nepal but of the entire world itself.

Chair Dahal opined that the unification of the CPN (UML) and the CPN (Maoist Center) has paved the way for taking ahead the communist movement and to fulfill the journey of socialism in the new context.

Stating that they have been continuously receiving congratulatory messages from around the world after the merger of the two parties, he said the international community too was closely observing the latest political developments in Nepal.

The CPN chair stated that an important responsibility has come on their shoulder. “The unification has been established as a significant event in history for fulfilling the people’s aspirations and taking the country ahead towards economic prosperity,” he said.

Leader Dahal said they had resolved to move ahead united with the goal of meeting the responsibility bestowed on them by history, the Nepali people and the nation and it was now fulfilled.

Even the responsibility of driving forward the journey of development and prosperity has fallen on the shoulder of the CPN and the incumbent government, party chair Dahal said.

Stating that the government’s policies and programmes would be brought in few days and the new government would bring the budget as well, he resolved to complete big projects and the projects of national pride.

He added that the government’s policies and programmes as well as the budget would be focused on the people’s aspiration for development, saying the policies and programmes and the budget would give a sense of the new government in the country.

Chairman Dahal vowed they would work towards fulfilling the aspirations of the people by keeping all levels of government in balance.

This was the joint meeting of the lawmakers from the then CPN (UML) and the CPN (Maoist Center) following the unification between these two parties.

The meeting will nominate the leader, the chief whip and whips as well as other office-bearers of the parliamentary party. It will also constitute the parliamentary committee.

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