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Republic symbolises people’s victory, says PM

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Republic symbolises people's victory, says PM

Kathmandu, May 29 (RSS): Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said republic remains as a symbol of victory of Nepalis.

In his address to a special ceremony held at the local Army Pavilion, Tundikhel, on the occasion of the Republic Day-2075 BS today, the Prime said the celebration of the Day was itself the celebrations of all the Nepali people. “The Republic Day is the celebration of the entire people. The day commemorates the victory of the Nepali people over oligarchy. This system is in welfare of the entire people.”   

The Republic Day was itself the beginning of a progressive culture which eliminated the ‘hypocritical system’ long practiced in the name of customs and tradition which was controlled by a particular dynasty.

He extended best wishes to all Nepali sisters and brothers on this occasion, speaking words of praise in respect of all those martyrs who sacrificed their lives as he described for total democracy, prosperous Nepal and happy Nepalis.

The practice of choosing own representatives to rule initiated by our ancestors when the democratic norms and values were still new concepts and terminologies for the world was itself a unique system, he added.

Food for all, guarantee of shelter, cloth, education, healthcare facilities  remain as a takeoff point for development and prosperity of Nepal, according to the prime minister who went on to say that development, prosperity, good governance and stability were the destinations of the government while campaign against poverty, backwardness, social oppression and  exploitation, discriminations, and corruption was its major task. As he said, poverty and democratic republic cannot go hand in hand and cant’ stay together. 

“Good governance and development is the need of the hour, for which some irrelevant policies, rules and regulations need to be changed, revised and amended,” he said.  The government’s policies and programmes have been passed with consensus among all the parties, which he said has helped strengthen the national unity. 

One must immerse in main national spirit, freeing self of old, parochial and irrelevant thoughts supporting lack of peace and instability, said the PM. 

Stressing the need for creating job opportunities, production increment, self-reliance on utility products, he said chosen development projects would focus on removing people’s hardships, poorest people, elderly, children, helpless and people with disabilities and pregnant women. 

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