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Daughters–in–law of single family missing

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Daughters–in–law of single family missing

Myagdi, June 7 (RSS): Two daughters–in–law of a single family from Rum Dandagaun of Malika rural municipality–3 in Myagdi have remained out of contact from the same day.

Cheena and Om Maya Budha have remained missing since April 15, said their father–in–law Lal Bahadur Budha.

Budha said they were at home till late morning and went out of contact after meal. “Both left the house when there were no one else, we have searched for them at all out relatives’ places but we have not found them,” he added. Both the daughters–in–law are 20 years of age.

They have already filed a report for the missing persons at the Area Police Office, Darbang along with their photos. Cheena’s husband was in the village during the time of disappearance while Om Maya’s husband returned from Saudi Arabia where he was working.

Cheena has left behind a two–year–old daughter. They have turned off their mobile phones making it harder to search for them.

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