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National prosperity with political stability: DPM Yadav

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National prosperity with political stability: DPM Yadav

Pokhara, June 8 (RSS): Federal Socialist Forum, Nepal Chair and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health and Population, Upendra Yadav, has said political stability will lead the nation on the way to prosperity.

In a press meet organized by Federal Press Forum Kaski Chapter today, DPM Yadav stressed on modernization of agricultural sector, development of tourism and hydro sectors to eradicate the poverty in the country.

On another note, he added that his party had joined the government after forging consensus with the government and Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) to correct the errors in the constitution.

He went on to say that with the participation of the party in the CPN-led government, it had over a two-thirds majority. “It is essential to make provinces powerful by formulating required laws.”

He pledged to do his best to ensure people’s basic needs such as education, health, shelter and drinking water along with the guarantee of federal identity, social inclusion, autonomy, and good governance.

He was of the view of reducing a ballooning trade deficit, poverty and lack of unemployment in the country and taking the country towards the path of prosperity. He took the time to give his words for systematizing the health insurance programme launched by the government.

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