१६ आश्विन २०८०, मंगलबार | Tue Oct 3 2023

Jhapa prepares to regulate alcohol consumption


Surunga, Oct. 25 (RSS): Issuing a 12-point declaration against crime control, all 15 local governments in Jhapa district have promised to regulate alcohol sale and distribution in the district from January 15, 2019. The people’s representatives from seven municipalities and eight rural municipalities made such commitment on Wednesday by signing the declarations to control the liquor in the district. 

As committed by the local leaders, the existing laws would be strictly implemented, the alcohol sales centres would be regulated and time for liquor sell would be amended by allowing the buyers upto 8:00 pm. 

Likewise, the details of the liquor buyers would be kept compulsorily and attempts would be made to regulate by the laws to provide the liquor only to the people of the certain age. 

Similarly, liquor control monitoring committees would be formed at the district, city and ward levels while the sale of the liquor would be banned near to the hospitals, temples and academic institutions. 

Furthermore, the local leaders have pledged to impose a ban for the sale of alcoholic contents within 500 meters along the Nepal-India border. As agreed, the local levels would make efforts for alternatives living to those families making money from the production of liquor. 

Similarly, all 15 local levels would make efforts to establish at least a correctional centre or rehabilitation centre through their coordination.