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Curfew still in place in Krishnanagar


Kapilbastu, Oct 22 (RSS): The district administration in Kapilbastu has imposed a curfew since Sunday in Krishnanagar following a dispute and clash between two sides over the issue of the route for carrying the statue of the goddess Durga Bhawani for immersing it in river.

Krishnanagar was tense since Friday over the issue. The district administration enforced curfew for an indefinite period in the town from 5 pm on Sunday as the dispute did not show any signs of resolving even for three days.

However, the goddess statue has been immersed in a local river amidst high security, Deputy Superintendent of Police Rabi Rawal said. The disposing off of the statue was halted for three days due to the dispute.

The district security committee meeting took this decision following a clash erupted over different youth groups.

The curfew has been imposed in the area covering Badayapokhari in the north, Shirshihawachok in the west, Semera village in the east and no man’s land in the west, said chief district officer Arjun Prasad Pokharel.

The curfew would be effective until the next decision.

The clash erupted between the youth groups in course of immersing the idol of Goddess Durga in a stream.