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CMC to adjust MBBS, BDS fees charged last year

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CMC to adjust MBBS, BDS fees charged last year

Chitwan Medical College has agreed to correct MBBS and BDS fees charged for the last academic session in a way that the fees would be adjusted for the coming academic season.

The CMC had been accused of charging MBBS and BDS students fees more than set by the Institute of Medicine. The College had charged up to Rs 6 million for the MBBS programme from each student against Rs 4,245,000 set by the IOM. Likewise, over Rs 125,000 was charged per student for the BDS programme against the set Rs 1,932,000.

Following a protest over the issue, an agreement in this regard was reached recently among the college administration and protesting students and parents in the presence of the district administration office, Chitwan.

The information of the fee adjustment has been shared at a press conference here today.

A committee was also formed to determine how much fees charged for the MBBS and BDS programmes last year should be returned or adjusted. The decision to adjust the fees was taken acting on a report submitted by the committee, said Prof Dr Harish Chandra Neupane, chair and managing director of the College.

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