१७ फाल्गुन २०८०, बिहिबार | Thu Feb 29 2024

Local government chiefs demand security


Nawalparasi, June 14 (RSS): Chiefs of all seven local governments in west Nawalparasi have demanded the government arrange security for them. 

The elected people’s representative also called for improved overall security situation of the district including their physical safety. 

The chiefs of local governments have drawn the attention of federal government after inhuman and indecent behaviour meted out against Susta Rural Municipality Chairperson Ram Prasad Pandey in the recent past. 

Ramgram municipality mayor Narendra Kumar Gupta said that the government should be highly sensitive towards maintaining adequate security as it is a pre-condition to enable working environment at local level. 

The demand has been put forward to the federal government in view of growing criminal activities targeted against chiefs of local governments in Nawalparasi of late.