५ जेष्ठ २०८१, शनिबार | Sat May 18 2024

Nepal-China border security talks inconclusive


The talks between the security officials of Nepal and China held with the aim of controlling crimes taking place on the Nepal-China border have ended inconclusively.

The Nepali team to the talks was led by Chief District Officer Binita Bhattarai. The dialogue was held at Taklakot in Burang County of China. The meeting was held at the Chinese border police post at Sera. CDO of Burang County, Qui Shi, led the Chinese side to the talks.

CDO Bhattarai said no written agreement was reached and concrete decision taken in the talks after the authorized official from higher body if China and Nepal did not join the talks.

According to her, discussions were held in the talks regarding Chinese side conducting strict checking in the movement of Tibetan nationals at border transit points, stopping the unauthorized entry and keeping a close watch against any activities directed against China.

CDO and coordinator of the Nepali side in the talks, Bhattarai said the talks ended inconclusive as she did not sign in the agenda brought by the Chinese side as per the Ministry of Home Affairs’ directive not to sign on any agreement during the talks but only to attend the informal programme.

The Chinese side had proposed agenda in the talks including stopping the Tibetan nationals from travelling to India via Nepal without visa, curbing illicit activities taking place on the border, strictly regulating the cross-border movement of people by setting up joint security posts at the transit points, stopping the alleged gold smuggling taking place through the Hilsa transit and checking the smuggling of firearms and various goods and human trafficking.

In the past, the Chinese side used to take the Nepali talks team for a tour of Mansarovar Kailash after the conclusion of the talks. But this time the Nepali talks team was not allowed to go to Mansarovar Kailash and asked to return to Taklakot itself.