१६ फाल्गुन २०८०, बुधबार | Wed Feb 28 2024

Distribution of ID cards to the poor begins


Dhangadi, July 21 (RSS): Distribution of identity card to the poor households began in all the 19 wards of Dhangadi sub-metropolis from Friday.

Mayor Nripa Bahadur Bada began the distribution by handing over a red (very poor) ID card to Ganga Devi Koli of Shanti Tole, yellow (medium poor) to Maina Devi Chaudhary of the former Kamaiya camp and blue (poor) ID card to Sahabir Chaudhary.

Speaking on the occasion, Mayor Bada said that those carrying the ID cards will be entitled to various services from the State.

There are reportedly 5,885 who have been categorized to receive the poor ID cards in Dhangadi, including 2,858 very poor, according to administrative officer Surendra Singh Karki. The government began distributing poor ID cards since 2069 based on a nationwide survey.