५ जेष्ठ २०८१, शनिबार | Sat May 18 2024

Monitoring of local levels in State 3 halted for second time


Hetauda, July 19 (RSS): The monitoring of local bodies being conducted by the Public Account Committee under the State Assembly has halted for the second time due to the disaster caused by the incessant monsoon rain.

The Committee had formed a five-member sub-committee in the third week of June for conducting onsite monitoring of local levels as it was found that more than 100 local levels in State 3 had not distributed the revenue from the river-based aggregates even in the last month of the fiscal year 2018/19.  State Assembly member Ratna Dhakal is the coordinator of the monitoring sub-committee.

The sub-committee had initiated the monitoring from the local levels of Kavrepalanchok district from July 2. But it was stopped within three days citing the town assembly of the local levels.

Sub-committee coordinator Dhakal said the Committee had decided to start the monitoring from today but it had to be stopped for second time due to flood and landslide.

According to him, the monitoring of two out of 13 local levels remains to be done in Kavrepalanchok district. He said a decision on the monitoring would be taken by convening the Committee’s meeting. 

As per policy provision, the local levels have to deposit 40 percent of the revenue collected from the sale of river-based aggregates in the consolidated fund of the State. 

The sub-committee had started monitoring from the local levels of Kavrepalanchok to check whether the local levels have complied with this provision or not.