६ जेष्ठ २०८१, आइतबार | Sun May 19 2024

24 roads damaged by floods in Mahottari


Bardibas, July 18 (RSS): Floods triggered by the week-long incessant rainfall has dismantled the road network in the district. The rainfall since July 10 mid-night has caused damage to 24 roads, according to the District Natural Calamity Rescue Committee.

Of the 42 major roads in the district, 24 have suffered significant damage, making it difficult for operation of traffic. The postal road, Bardibas-Jaleswar road, Jaleswar-Janakpur road among others have been obstructed for traffic, Chief District Officer Umesh Kumar Dhakal said.

As a result, majority of the regions of the district have been cut off from the district headquarters Jaleswar for lack of road transportation. Renovation of the road has been expedited while a bailey bridge is being constructed over the Bhabsi river in Bardibas along the East-West highway, CDO Dhakal said.

The concrete bridge over the Bhabsi river was swept away by flood waters last Friday night.