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Government failure in all sectors-Dr Bhattarai

३० चैत्र २०७२, मंगलवार ०६:०९

Government failure in all sectors-Dr Bhattarai

Janakpurdham, April 12: Former Prime Minister and New Force Coordinator Dr Baburam Bhattarai has said that the incumbent government has lost its moral ground to continue to stay in power for being failure in every sectors.

At a press conference organized at Janakpurdham today, he accused that the government’s performance and accent are like that of the Panchayat Regime. He lambasted the government for promoting and nurturing anarchy, black marketing, smuggling and corruption in the country.

Leader Dr Bhattarai said that the Madhesi problems should be settled based on the past agreements and understandings as well as the recommendation of previous Constituent Assembly Committee and Commission. The door for constitutional amendment should be kept open to explore solution to the Madhes problem, he noted.

The Madhes agitation should be scaled up at national level rather than limiting it in Madhes only, Bhattarai suggested. RSS

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