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Bodhichitta saplings planted in Myagdi

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Bodhichitta saplings planted in Myagdi

Beni (Myagdi), Aug 28: The saplings of the lucrative and mystic Bodhichitta tree were planted at Dambara locality of Beni Municipality – 5.

The recently formed Lions Club of Beni Peace City in collaboration with Sundar Dambar Town Reform Committee planted 35 saplings of Bodhichitta tree around Shiva temple’s vicinity on Saturday.

The Bodhichitta trees were planted for the first time in Myagdi district at the community level with Chandra KC, Lions Club International 325 B 1 Chief Liaison Official, attending the ceremony as a guest, Club said.

Lions Club of Beni Peace City Club’s Chairman, Rajesh Shakya, said the trees were planted as part of the club’s programme to generate income in the community.

Bodhichitta is a combination of Sanskrit words ‘bodhi’ and ‘citta’. Bodhi means awakening or enlightenment while citta, a derivative of Sanskrit word cit, means ‘that which is conscious’ or a ‘soul’. Bodhichitta may be translated as conscious and enlightened soul. Bodhichitta is a spontaneous wish to attain enlightenment motivated by great compassion for all sentient beings along with a sense of detachment to illusionary self ‘I’.

The Bodhichitta tree yields the invaluable and mystic Buddhist prayer beads. The beads are threaded into a rosary consisting of 108 beads and used to chant mantras.

The sale of Bodhichitta tree beads can bring about a profit ranging from Rs 300,000 to Rs six million and much more. The tree can be planted at an altitude ranging from 400 to 2500 meters above sea level. RSS

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