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Deliberation on Labour Bill starts

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Deliberation on Labour Bill starts


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Kathmandu, Sept 12: The meeting of the Legislature-Parliament here Monday unanimously approved the proposal tabled, seeking deliberation on the ‘Labour Bill-2072 BS’.

Minister for Labour and Employment Suryaman Gurung who tabled the proposal in the parliament for discussion expressed his confidence that the Bill would be of help in regulating the labour market.

Taking part in today’s deliberation, parliamentarian Chudamani Jangali indicated that the Bill failed to incorporate social security insurance of the labourers. He demanded the formation of Labour Advisor Committee at the provincial-level.

Similarly, another parliamentarian Dilli Prasad Kafle said that it should be made clear from the beginning that to whom the Bill is applied to. He also pressed for incorporating strict provision against child labour in the bill. Children below 18 should not be invovled in any form of labour under any pretext.

Arguing this is not an era of trade union rather meritocracy, Bharat Kumar Shah opined that if the trade unions were on the prowl, the investment would be discouraged. Meanwhile, Minister Gurung delivered his remarks on the List of Instrument adopted by the International Labour Conference submitted to the Legislature-Parliament (2007-2013). He also briefed on the Force Labour Recommendation, 2014. RSS

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