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Death rate among HIV infected persons surges

२६ पुष २०७३, मंगलवार ०८:३७

On the occasion, National HIVAIDs Federation Chairman, Achyut Sitaula, shared that the total known population of HIV transmitted persons in the country until 2015 stood at 40,000. Due to increasing awareness, the HIV transmission is decreasing every year by 0.2 per cent, he added.

Sitaula said that although the number of transmitted cases have decreased the death rate has shot up. In Nepal around 2,300 HIV transmitted persons on average die every year, he added further. The deaths are quicker if the person infected with HIV does not take regular medication.

As per the survey carried out by the HIVAIDs Federation, among the 40,000 HIV infected persons only around 15,000 are under regular medication. RSS

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