३२ जेष्ठ २०८१, शुक्रबार | Fri Jun 14 2024

Dr Lohani announces candidacy for RPP Chair


Speaking in the face-to-face programme organised by Reporters Club Nepal, he said, “I am going to file my candidacy to the party chairmanship to challenge the mentality and the thinking of running the party as a one-man show.”

Dr Lohani shared that he decided to announce his candidacy to boost the morale and enthusiasm of the party cadres and to steer the party ahead in a democratic manner, as violation of the agreement reached at the time of the unification between RPP and RPP Nepal to maintain balance of power in choosing the election symbol and the party office-bearers would demotivate the party cadres.

He claimed that his victory was for sure in the general convention and that he would not allow the power balance and control in the party to be jeopardised. Leader Lohani said that an agreement had been made at the time of the party unification to maintain the ‘plough’ as the party’s election symbol.

The RPP national chairman said his party is in favour of sanatana Hindu religion with religious freedom and ceremonial monarchy.

Party executive chairman Kamal Thapa on Thursday claimed that he had been unanimously selected by the party as the party chairman. The RPP is holding its unity general convention for the first time after the merger between RPP and RPP Nepal. RSS