२३ जेष्ठ २०८०, मंगलबार | Tue Jun 6 2023

Monkey rampage panics farmers


Bejhad, March 5 (RSS): Monkey rampage has panicked farmers at Rambha rural municipality-1, Hungi in Palpa. 

Groups of wild monkeys coming from nearby forests have caused losses to the vegetable farming and cropping lately. 

Kedar Prasad Basyal, a local farmer, said the wild beasts finished off entire potato farming which was ready to harvest. He further shared he had cultivated 1,000 seed potatoes of improved species this year but the groups of monkeys ruined everything. 

Likewise, Amika Sunar, another local farmer, said the groups of wild beasts (monkey) caused damages to the potato in the field. “The potato planted in around one ropani land was entirely eaten up by the monkeys””.