३२ जेष्ठ २०८१, शुक्रबार | Fri Jun 14 2024

Election code of conduct takes effect, ministers object to some conditions


Election candidates, political parties, people concerned, the government, local bodies and public organisations, employees, media, non government organisations and observers shall follow the code of conduct.

The EC organised a programme here today to inform Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers about the election code of conduct.

The EC said it is fully determined and responsible as well for holding the election in a free and fair atmosphere.

However, sitting ministers have expressed discontent over some conditions included in the code of conduct mainly the banning them from attending any foundation stone laying and inauguration ceremonies of development projects.

They said they should be allowed to visit the respective election constituencies and villages to such programmes as scheduled in the government policy and programme and the budget statement.

Chief Election Commissioner Dr Ayodhi Prasad Yadav said the election scheduled for May 14 was the election of local level not the national one and ministers were not allowed to attend such events as they represented the government.

On the occasion, CEC Yadav demanded the government send the report of the Local Level Restructuring Commission to the EC soon.

EC bans of helicopter before and during election
The EC has completely banned the use of helicopters (except for people involved in election related works) for other purposes by the government and political parties.

On the occasion, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs, Bimalendra Nidhi said the government had enforced the’ Local- Level Election Security Plan’ and made other security arrangements bearing in mind the local pool scheduled for May 14.

According to him, government plans to mobilise over two thousands hundred security personnel all during the election.

They will be from the Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, National Investigation Commission and Nepal Army. Temporary security personnel (for election purpose only) will also be hired.

Deputy Prime Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara pledged the timely release of budget necessary for conducting the election.

He was of the view that the code of conduct for the local poll should not be a hurdle in the implementation of the regular development works. The government would follow it, he said.

Minister for Urban Development Arjun Narsingh KC said the election code of conduct should not bar ministers to attend the foundation stone laying and inauguration ceremonies in their respective constituencies and hometowns.

Minister for Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation Jeeban Bahadur Shahi questioned the government, “How it would conduct the election in remote areas without the use of helicopter?” RSS