६ असार २०८१, बिहिबार | Fri Jun 21 2024

PM Dahal urges university graduates to devote to nation’s development


PM Dahal made such request during the convocation ceremony of the Purvanchal University held here today. A total of 8,764 students from various streams as education, humanities, law, management medicine and technology attended the convocation ceremony.

“Once the country is prosperous and the people untied, Nepali’s prestige would be boosted,” the PM said, adding that time has come for us to be united for the country’s development.

According to him, the natural resources could be utilized much for uplifting people’s lives.

Similarly, PM Dahal said that it was also the time to end transition and institutionalize democracy. “Prosperous and successful nation can make its people realize the benefits of federal republic,” he argued.

He assured that government would provide assistance to the Purvanchal University to make it able to run teaching hospital with sufficient human resources. However, the problems could be taken as opportunities, he added.

The Purvanchal University was established in 2052BS. It has five constituent campuses and more than hundred campuses running under its affiliation. RSS