१९ जेष्ठ २०८०, शुक्रबार | Fri Jun 2 2023

Call to declare Doti as Chhaupadi free district


Doti, Feb 27 (RSS): Campaigners of Chhaupadi elimination here have called for declaring Doti as a Chhaupadi free district. 

Chhaupadi is a tradition associated with menstruation taboo in which teenagers are secluded from home during the periods. 

The demand came when the tradition is taking ugly form in the Sudurpaschim Province including Doti district. 

Participants of the national campaign against Chhaupadi tradition held at Doti headquarters, Silgadhi, called for framing strong law to eliminate such wrong practices. 

On the occasion, lawmaker Binda Pandey asked the local levels to stand tough against the presence of such ill practices in society. 

The campaign was attended by Doti District Coordination Committee Coordinator Ram Bahadur Eir, the chiefs and deputy chiefs of all nine local governments in the district and ward chairs as well.