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Taniya settlers demand land for relocation

६ जेष्ठ २०७४, शनिबार ०९:२४

The Taniya settlement is home to 1,476 households from Tamang, Magar, Bhramin, Damai, Kani, Maghi, Koiri and indigenous communities. The runway of the airport will be built by dissecting the settlement which has been a cause of concern for the settlers who are now in need to search for another location.

The Taniya settlement was created by the then King Birendra Shah in around 1974-75. The settlers took to farming with abundance of arable land which they used to cultivate maize, paddy, tomatoes and tobacco. This allowed them to raise their economic standards. 

“We are ready to vacate the Taniya settlement in name of development. But the government must provide us with land to relocate our settlement,” Taniya Settlement Concern Struggle Committee Coordinator, Mukti Lama insisted.

The settlement is located south of the Pathalaiya – Nijgadh route. Committee’s Vice Chairperson, Rewati Prasad Mainali, said the government must resettle the people in another location as the current settlement will be displaced with the construction of the airport. RSS

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