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Government for trainings to youths to encourage self-entrepreneurship

११ जेष्ठ २०७४, बिहीबार २०:२२

Presenting the policies and programmes of the government for the fiscal year 2017/18 in the Legislature-Parliament today, President Bhandari said that the existing policy would be reviewed for the development of the sports sector.

 She said that the investment in education and health sectors has contributed to the creation of healthy, educated and civilized citizens and quality education and health services would be managed while institutionalizing the achievements made so far.

The education up to basic level should remain compulsory and free, whereas that up to the secondary level would be made compulsory and free, according to her.

Local level to be entrusted with the education up to secondary level

The President mentioned that the education up to the secondary level would be entrusted to the local level and incentives being provided to the targeted groups in education would be given continuity while making it more systematic.

In order to ensure access to quality education, the government would give continuity to the programmes of running community schools as models. Similarly, technical and vocational education would gradually be expanded.

Open Universities to come into operation

President Bhandari also announced that Open Universities would be brought into operation.

Moreover, basic health services would be made free and continuity given to the programmes being conducted in the health sector and they would be implemented effectively.

The government stressed that access of all would be ensured to quality health services and by entrusting the basic health services to the local level services, delivery would be made effective. RSS

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