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Iran closes border with Iraqi Kurdistan

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Iran closes border with Iraqi Kurdistan

“At the request of the Iraqi government, we have closed our land and air borders” with Iraqi Kurdistan, said foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi at a press conference, adding that the referendum was “illegal and illegitimate”. 

The Iraqi Parliament voted in favor of closing down all the border crossings into the Kurdish region.

Iran’s foreign ministry said Monday that its border with Iraqi Kurdistan remained open despite its independence referendum, reversing an earlier statement that it closed its land borders at the request of Iraqi government.

A statement by the ministry said: “The land border between Iran and the Kurdistan region of Iraq is open. For now, only air borders between Iran and this region are closed.”

Ministry spokesperson Ghasemi told reporters that the vote could “lead to developments and happenings that could affect all people of the region and especially Kurdish people.” (AFP/RSS)

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