१७ चैत्र २०७९, शुक्रबार | Fri Mar 31 2023

Rishi Pariyar in race of making world record on handstand push-ups


-Deepak Bohora

Rishi Pariyar, a Nepali youth from Tulsipur sub-metropolis-3, Dang, is in the run-up to make a world record.

He is in the race of keeping world record on handstand push-ups. So far, there is the genies world record of 51 handstand push-ups in a minute. A Belarus national had set this record on 3 May 2018.

The record is unbeaten as of now. But, Rishi is on his way to break the record.

He had his video recorded in Tulsipur on Monday to present the evidence for world records. With support from Tulsipur sub-metropolis, he prepared a video showcasing his record-making 60 times on handstand push-ups in a minute.

Rishi shared he would send an email with video record to genies book of world record office soon. He added the video clip with Rs 100,000 in cash needs to be sent to the office and it may take 10-15 days to get the decision.

Rishi is in the race to register his name in the genies book of world records with help from Youth and Sports Division of the Tulsipur Sub-metropolitan City.

Tulsipur mayor Ghanashyam Pandey has also pledged to support the effort of Rishi in the race. He informed that the sub-metropolis has aided Rs 115,000 to Rishi to carry on his effort to register his name in the genies world record.

“We are developing Tulsipur as a sports city”